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Thank you for your online booking. If you would like to book BOTH the Glenwood Hall AND the Driftwood Schoolhouse, you will need to book each separately.


If THIS is a booking for the GLENWOOD HALL

Follow the instructions listed under “FEES, POLICIES, CONTRACT” here:

If THIS is a booking for the DRIFTWOOD SCHOOLHOUSE

Follow the instructions listed under “FEES & POLICIES” here:

Please note that once you have booked your event you cannot change or cancel it using this website. Please make sure you have selected the correct dates and provided all necessary information. If you need to change your dates or information after booking please contact us asap.

Your dates will not be confirmed until your $100 Booking Deposit is received, WITHIN 48 HOURS of this booking. This amount will go towards your final cheque. Once we receive your payment, the date is yours!