Glenwood Hall
Bulkley Valley, British Columbia

Glenwood Hall

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Hall Guidelines

About the Hall

  • The hall accommodates 135 people in accordance with local fire regulations.
  • The hall provides:
    • tables and chairs accordingly
    • toilet paper and paper towels
    • wood for the stoves - the fire is your responsibility.
  • The hall does not have a telephone.
  • After your event please phone to arrange for key drop off.
  • The renter assumes the responsibility for obtaining food and liquor permits as required. These are available from the liquor store.
  • The civic address for the hall is 13804 Telkwa High Road, Smithers BC.

Camping and Fires

  • The grounds may be used for overnight camping by renters.
  • Please check with the forest service before lighting campfires- firewood is not provided for outdoor fires.
  • Please make fire in designated area only.
  • Benches are available. Please make arrangements when getting the key.

Payments and Key Pick Up

  • Before your event, contact Tanya (250 877 6910 or 250 877 8582) by phone to arrange to pick up the key, read and sign the rental agreement and drop off your rental and damage deposit cheques.
  • Rental cheque and damage deposit cheque are made out to 'Glenwood Hall'.
  • Damage deposit cheque will be held until the completion of your event, and will be returned if the hall has been properly cleaned up and not damaged.
  • After the event is over arrange to return the key to Tanya.

Getting Your Damage Deposit Back

  • Follow cleaning instructions posted in the kitchen
  • All chairs and tables must be returned to their dollies
  • All dishes washed and returned to proper cupboards
  • All floors swept with broom (including washrooms and kitchen)
  • All garbage, empties, etc removed, as we have no garbage pickup.

Don't leave anything behind!!


  • Do not use staples or nails inside or outside or your damage deposit will not be returned.
  • Remove all tape, etc, used for decorating at the source. Stepladders are provided for this purpose. Do not use duct tape on painted surfaces.
  • Bring your own dish cloths and towels for kitchen.

Event Pricing

Family or school reunion (2 day minimum) $125/day
Family dances where alcohol is not served $175/day
Private party $175/day
Dance where alcohol is served $310/day
Weddings $310/day (includes day before and day after for set up / take down, 2 additional days can be reserved @ $50/day)

Damage deposit for all events is $150 (see Hall Guidelines for more information)

Booking Your Event Online

Click here to check the calendar to see if your desired date is available

  • If your date is available, click the Book an Event link at the top of the calendar page, or click the "+" symbol next to the date you wish to book
  • For wedding and dances only: a deposit of $ 85.-- is required at the time of booking, mail cheque to Barbara Luther, 3105 MCCabe Road, Smithers BC, V0J 2N7. This amount will go towards your final cheque. Once your cheque is received, the date is yours.

If you need to cancel, the deposit will be refunded according to the Cancellation Policy below.

  • Arrange with Tanya by phone to pick up the key and make your payment

Please note that once you have booked your event you cannot change it using this website. Please make sure you have selected the correct dates and provided all necessary information. If you need to change your dates or information after booking please contact Barbara or Judi by email.

NOTE: Booking the Driftwood School is not possible from this website. Please phone Lynn Shervill at 250 847 3663.

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancelled 3 months prior rental date:100% refund
  • If cancelled up to 2 weeks prior rental date: 50% refund
  • If cancelled less than 2 weeks prior rental date: no refund

Contact Judi or Barbara by email to cancel an event.


From Telkwa

Traveling west, turn right onto Viewmont Road at Mountain View Assembly

Travel along Viewmont Road until its end, then turn right onto Old Babine Lake Road

Travel 7 km along Old Babine Lake Road, then turn left onto the Telkwa High Road

Travel 2 km along the Telkwa High Road

Glenwood Hall is the fourth place on the right

The civic address 13804 is displayed on the front wall

From Smithers

Traveling east, cross the Bulkley Bridge and turn left onto Old Babine Lake Road

Travel 7 km to the intersection of Telkwa High Road and Babine Lake Road. Turn left on Telkwa High Road

Travel 2 km along the Telkwa High Road

Glenwood Hall is the fourth place on the right

The civic address 13804 is displayed on the front wall

Contact Info

Bookings, Cancellations, Refunds:

Key Pick Up, Payments: Tanya Coles 250 877 6910 or 250 877 8582

Glenwood Hall President: Judi L'Orsa 250 847 9580

Glenwood Hall Secretary: Corol Johnson 250 847 9102

Directors: Mary Perry, Barb Luther, Francois Depey, Dorothy Patrick, Ted Dean, Laurel Borrett, Annette da Silva